How to finish a long term relationship for someone else
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How to finish a long term relationship for someone else

It is a very common situation that leaving a long term relationship over several years when you have found a new person with great love.

This is normally happening in many people’s life and most of them are looking for the best ways to leaving a long term relationship for someone else. It is usually the hardest part of your life to say no to your loveable person and accepting a new person in your life.

Mention the problems in your relationship before starting a new love:

Many men and women are willing to leave a particular relationship and look for the new one mainly because there are several numbers of problems in their relationship. This is why they are looking forward to have another relationship with someone else.

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Before leaving your previous relationship, first of all you should need to discuss and mention your relationship issues with your current partner and not carry on a new relationship out of disagreement. The following are some of the important steps and tips to be followed.

  • Be kind – There is no any other way to say your partner that you are leaving him/her for some other person. It is the best way that you have to break it off but you should be kind while breaking a relationship. You should be honest and also polite because you are going to hurt one person for another person. So, it is better doing it nicely and don’t behave as malicious and harsh.
  • Don’t do it with the text messages – You have to do it by face to face and don’t break you relationship with just the text messages. Obviously, the text messages are not a good way to do it.
  • Don’t go into the details – The details will definitely be very harmful than the break up while leaving someone for someone else. So, you should be very honest when leaving any person and avoid putting harsh details and words.

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  • Don’t get revenge or defend yourself – When you break up a relationship with any person, he/she has a lot of things to say and it is very important to notice that you don’t get defensive during this time. If your partner gives a hostile, volatile or aggressive response, you should not get revenge or try to defend yourself. You should be calm and be kind to say bye to him/her.
  • Be sure in your past relationship – You have to place a complete end point to your past relationship and then only you can maintain a new relationship peacefully. You have to explain everything in the best way and break up your past relationship. You should also mention all the reasons to leave a relationship with him or her.

While doing all of these steps when you break up a relationship with someone, you should be very careful, be kind, honest, calm and polite to explain everything to her or him and break up a relationship to start a new one.